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Test, test and test again!

 In Checklists and Cheet Sheets, Email Marketing, OM3 Knowledge Base

It’s seems very easy, right? Create a campaign and send it.

But what about testing? I’m not talking about just “previewing” the campaign… but actually sending yourself and a few colleagues a test of the email, clicking on the links, and making sure it looks good on mobile and on various devices.

Here is a little check list that should always be checked against before sending your campaign:

    Send yourself (and other colleagues) a copy of the email and have them look at it on both their phone and desktop to make sure everything looks and works properly. How does it look in various browsers? How does it look on mobile? Does the user need to scroll left/right or zoom in to read? If so, it may be worth it to consider a responsive design.
    Make sure you’re using the right Sender Address. If you’re using a custom domain, make sure you’re sending with the correct from address to ensure deliverability. Interested in a custom from address (CFA)? Click here to learn more.
    Proofread the subject line and content. Are the fonts big enough and legible for your readers? Is the spelling correct? Do you have the right subject line? Are the dates correct?

    Does your email have good Call To Actions or buttons? Are they visible? Ensure that your Call To Actions are visible in the first fold of the email and again at the end of the email. This helps improve your click rates!

    Click on the links in the email and make sure the link goes to the right place and make sure that the URL includes the Google Analytics code (if you use them)

    Are your graphics a good size? Is it too large? How does it look on mobile?

Last but not least, AFTER sending your campaign, make sure you check that the email was scheduled/sent and is in the “Outbox” or “Sent” folder. Many times, people forget to actually click “send” on the last page or they go into the outbox and have “paused” the campaign and forgot to “resume” the campaign. Learn more about the outbox here.