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Thanksgiving Online Marketing for B2B Businesses

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Holiday marketing is typically dominated by the B2C marketers with holiday products and gift ideas to tout. However, if you run a B2B business, there is no need to be left out of the holiday cheer. Here are some ideas:

Idea 1: Thanksgiving Promo

Offer a discount on your products or services. Perhaps even use this opportunity to upsell based on previous purchases. Thank your customers for staying loyal by giving them a break. A special or promotion is a good way to attract customers, boost profits, and start the season off right. Use plain text messaging. Make it personal.

Idea 2: Thanksgiving Freebies

Consider offering free gifts, like eBooks, whitepapers, or any piece of content that will help your clients sell more and make their lives easier. Give them a reason to give thanks!

Idea 3: Subscription Discounts

Subscription-based companies can offer discounts on one month of service for the holidays. For example, offer potential subscribers 14 months of service for the price of 12. This is a strategy that will compel people who were previously undecided to take the plunge before the sale ends.

Seriously, thank you

Idea 4: Say Thanks by Featuring your Customers

If you have great customers or clients, then why not show them off and make them feel special by featuring their business or a testimonial on your social media or blog? People love being recognized, and this is an easy and cost-effective way to do so. Remember: Always ask for permission before you publish anything on the internet about your clients or customers.

Idea 5: Show your Commitment to Community this November

Consider donating part of your November profits to a charity, if possible. It is an effective way to show your customers that you are an active community member. Giving back is something that we all strive to do. As a business, this can set you a part from your competitors. Tip: Try to choose businesses, charities, teams, events, etc. that attract your target market. It’s not the amount of people, it’s the RIGHT people.

Idea 6: Run a Contest

While not a direct form of advertising, contest can lead to increased sales. Contests build email lists. They also allow businesses to re-engage customers and build their brands through word-of-mouth marketing.

Package your contest prize as something your customer can give away during the holidays. And as B2B shop, offer a prize that will help your clients engage their customers more this holiday season.

Example: If you run an email marketing agency that services small businesses. Your prize could be a high-converting, holiday-themed email template that will help your clients increase subscribers and capitalize on increased traffic during the holiday rush. Or like OpenMoves, it may just happen to offer an easy way to send holiday cards!

Thank You

Idea 7: Simply, Say Thank You.

When did you last receive a thank you note? It probably made you smile. A simple thank you note goes a long way. You don’t always need do something elaborate to show that you care. If you are on a budget this holiday season, just stay in front of your customers in a positive way by sending out a Thank-You email to all of your list. Again, we recommend plain text, authentically written, personalized emails.

If these ideas inspire you, it may be time to start brainstorming with your team. It is never wise to execute a plan without a strategy, so make sure you outline exactly what you are going to do. Be sure your message gets out there across all of your platforms including your website, social platforms, newsletter, and even press releases! Remember, stay consistent, this is your brand, after all.

Do you have any other creative and inspiring holiday marketing strategies? Please share with our readers in the comments!

Have a great Thanksgiving! And – Thank you!


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