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The Chrome Extensions Every SEO Needs

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You are a user, like me.

If you are an SEO — or do SEM — you pretty much live in Chrome, whether you are optimizing your own site, or working on client sites.

Hours spent each day, clicking, analyzing, testing, recommending. Until you see double. But Chrome has some nifty extensions that can work magic as you crawl the web looking for SEO opportunities!

I have a stable of useful, well-crafted, free, Chrome add-ons that help me with my regular SEO tasks with a simple mouse click or two!

Here’s my list of favorites – the top Chrome extensions I use for SEO and related work, sorted more or less by frequency of use. The ones I use most often, come first. (You will need to cut and paste these links into your Chrome address window, if clicking doesn’t work.)

Top Chrome Extensions for SEO and Web Work


The Web Developer extension by Chris Pederick is the Web and SEO Swiss army knife. For me, Web Developer 0.4.6 is the grandparent of all extensions! I have been addicted to the Web Developer extension since my days as a Firefox user! The Chrome version came later and is just as great today. Installing this extension adds a button to your toolbar with a large number of incredible web developer tools. You can instantly outline HTML headings, disable CSS, JavaScript, or Cookies, Highlight image Alt attributes, validate page markup, and much, much more. Recommended for everyone, even if you make use of only 1 or 2 tools. Download Web Developer 0.4.6 


Wappalyzer is a MUST HAVE.  This extension Identifies software, CMS (content management systems), ecommerce platforms, etc., used on a web page. Immediate knowledge, with nothing but a click. This is incredibly helpful when doing a quick SEO audit. Download Wappalyzer 2.32


Instant view of Google Analytics installation: good, problematic, or missing. I use this throughout constantly, especially when reviewing a prospective client site. Tag Assistant helps to troubleshoot installation of various Google tags including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more. Download Tag Assistant (by Google) 0.9.63


Another SEO lifeline. I cannot be without this extension for long. As you land on a web page, the Canonical Chrome extension shows if the page has a “rel=canonical” and makes it ridiculously easy to navigate to it. Know before you go. Get this. It will make you smart! Download Canonical 1.3


 The SEO Site Tools extension is one of many extensions in this category. It is a good way to quickly see Meta tags and other page elements. It also offers a mini-audit with on-page SEO recommendations. The app also has the ability to generate SERP (search engine results page) enhancements like showing the Google PageRank next to each result.  Some of the integrations with Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools is quite old and does not appear to be updated for the current versions of those platforms. Still, the tool is quite useful just for the quick access to on-page SEO factors. Download SEO Site Tools 2.91



Shorten URLs and copy to clipboard or post to twitter directly.,,,, and others. Download URLShortener 5.1.4


Another quick view of basic metrics. Website & SEO Analysis provides SEO analysis of the website like Ranks, Pages Indexed, Backlinks, Whois, Security, Traffic Stats… Download Website and SEO Analysis 1.1.3


MozBar from Moz. Need I say more? Download MozBar 3.0.72


Majestic SEO backlink analysis straight into your browser. Download Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer 1.4


Useful if your Google Drive is your cloud of choice. Save web content or screen capture directly to Google Drive. Download Save to Google Drive 2.1.1


My new favorite! Clicking the OneTab icon converts all open Chrome tabs into a single list! When you want to access those tabs again, you can restore them individually or all at once. Saves memory, keeps your organized. Amazing and elegant! A wonder drug for an extension groupie. I can’t get enough. Download OneTab v1.7

What extensions do you use? Tell me a story of an extension that you can’t live without!

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