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When You Need To Say You Are Sorry

 In Email Marketing, Re-engagement

Running a business also involves making mistakes with your clients. Here’s a good example of a small storm GoDaddy had this week and how they handled the apology using email.

This is their response to Monday’s hack/outage and an apology example you can use when your company has a “snafu”.  A nice proactive explanation letter coming and signed by the CEO and providing a credit to those that opened and clicked.

Sending this email rather than just giving every one of their clients a credit is clever. They can verify your email address, increase deliverability as you’ll probably open this kind of an email . If I put my cynical hat on I am sure there are many customers with small/inactive sites who “slept through” the outage and probably didn’t even know their sites were down, or by the time they found out everything was restored. So yeah, they probably want to get away with paying out as little as possible and see who was truly affected by who responds.

GoDaddy Apology Email



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