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Collect Data on Your Customers’ Interests & Personalize

 In Email Marketing, Optimization

It doesn’t help to just batch and blast to your customers anymore. You need to customize and personalize their emails to get their attention – especially with all the junk mail cluttering the inbox. You might be thinking, I don’t have enough information on my customers to personalize or customize an email – plus, I don’t have time! Well, there are simple ways you can do this and once it’s set up, you don’t need to do anything (except maybe create an email and send it out!) AND… it’s all available right inside OM3.

  • Make sure you have a history of sends and clicks. We always recommend to include links to pages on your website in all your emails, whether it is in the navigation or on the footer or within the body. This is so we can collect data on what your customers are clicking, which in turn helps us understand what the customer is interested in. We also recommend that you give your link a name and even a link group. (Click here to learn about link groupsAdd a Link
  • Once you have collected data on what users clicked, it’s time to segment based on what subscribers have clicked on and choosing specific link groups as well as adding rules and exceptions. (Click here to learn about segmenting)
  • You can also set up a preference center and have customers update their interests and what they would like to receive instead of unsubscribing. You can then send out weekly emails to these link groups with specials and/or promotions. Be sure to include a link to the preference center and ask subscribers to update their profile and interests. For example, add a note in your email that says “Want to see more emails like this? Update your preferences and let us know what you’re interested in.”
  • Finally, once you have all this data, you can personalize subject lines and email content with the subscriber’s first name and their interest. For example, instead of the standard subject line like “Holiday Sale! Get 20% off your Entire Purchase!” use a personalized subject line like “John, get 20% off all Ties during our Holiday Sale!”
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