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Get Personal with your E-Marketing

 In Email Marketing, Optimization

earrowOne of the best ways to get personal with your customers is to send personalized promotions and emails to your customers at the right time. Here are some quick and easy ideas to help increase your open/click rates and purchases:

  1. Personalize the subject line: Increase open rates by calling out to the customer and adding their first name to the subject line. Don’t forget to make the subject line catchy as well!personal
  2. Use dynamic content to customize your promotions: Increase click rates by dynamically populating the promotion shown in the email based on past purchase/browse category so you know you’re showing them something they are interested in.
    Amazon's use of dynamic content helps customers with product selection

    Amazon’s use of dynamic content helps customers with product selection

  3. Segment your customers: You can segment your customers in various ways but some of the most important segmentations include segmentation based on…
    1. If they opened and clicked a similar promotion last year which means they will most likely open and click this year.
    2. if they purchased last year during a holiday, they may also want to purchase this year during that same holiday so make sure to create separate segments to push specials to those who are more likely to purchase.
  4. Be responsive: Over 40% of most emails are being opened on a mobile device. Make sure your email is responsive and looks good on a mobile device.
  5. Send at an optimal time: You want your email to be at the top of their inbox so send your email at an optimal time using OpenMoves’ “Optimize” option.

Last but not least, make a compelling offer. Offer a rare or special limited time discount specifically for that customer.

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