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Does your email look better than your website?

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Good Emails get Good Results

A properly designed email will achieve higher click-thru rates and overall responses to your calls to action. Designing email differs from designing webpages; we are limited to the small area of an email body or an email program’s preview pane. We specifically design our newsletters to have the most important content and calls to action appear in the preview area (“above the fold”), as well as create a visually eye-catching header to entice visitors to read the email, rather than discard it as ‘junk’.

One Image, Many Channels

Design consistency is extremely important when branding your company. A well-designed email newsletter, while great for capturing a visitor’s attention, has limited effectiveness when it leads visitors to a disorganized, generic, and (worst of all), outdated website. A visitor’s experience should remain consistent across all types of media, whether they are print ads, billboards, websites, or emails. When there is a disconnect (especially when moving from an email to a landing page, because it is an INSTANT transition), potential customers can become confused and lose confidence of your company.

How to Approach a Redesign

A website redesign isn’t just about creating new, flashy graphics that look appealing – it’s about taking all aspects of your branding and bringing them to life on the web. At OpenMoves, we make ease of use and delivering on your business objectives the top priorities.

By analyzing your current site, we can determine where visitors are becoming lost – whether it’s before purchasing a product or service, or before filling out a contact form. From this research, we can determine the best layout for your site. Solutions might include simplifying the navigation structure to make it easier for customers to find the information they seek, or redesigning the homepage to put the fewest number of clicks between a visitor’s arrival and completing a purchase.

By tackling a redesign at the same time of your email newsletter, we can focus on making the two work seamlessly together, so you can present a better brand image and make it easier for customers to do business with you.

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