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Holiday email marketing… and your lists

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It’s that time of the year where increased email marketing and sales/promotions can be expected. However, before you start sending those holiday emails, make sure to make your lists and check them twice.

1) Segmentation

Know who you want to market to and make sure you’re sending to the right people. Setting up targeting segments with people who are interested in your promotion is one of the most important things you should do. Learn how…

2) Customer vs Prospect

Having a separate list of customers vs prospects is a great way to send a different promotion to past customers and potential customers.

3) Purchase behaviors

People who have purchased a certain amount of times, over a certain amount or specific categories or products are also a great segment to set up and send to.

4) Past click history

One simple segment you can easily create segments based on groups of people who has clicked on certain links and/or link groups.

5) Holiday marketing tips

• Increase emails. Yes, you read that correct. During this season, increased emails and promotions are expected. So go on, send those teasers, alerts, or flash sales.

• Extended sales. Reward your customers by extending your promotion, increasing sales and/or rewarding customers after sales.

• Stock up and plan. Look at the past and current trends, stock up on items you’re promoting, and make sure you have promotions/coupons and plans ready for possible issues in stocks or delayed delivery.

• Wish your customers a happy holiday! Don’t forget to send your customers a holiday greeting!

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