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At OpenMoves, we’re always scouring the news for ideas on how to stay on the cutting edge of eMarketing.  Here are two articles to help you write fresh and interesting content for your newsletter; one is an “oldie, but goodie” and the other is “hot off the press”.  Both drive home the same point – know your readers and talk directly to them.

Though published in 2004, Garth Buchholz’s article “The 10 Commandments of Internet Writing” is as relevant today as it was five years ago. He explains the difference between writing for print and writing for the web, provides tips on developing your writing style, and advice on how to structure content for maximum readability. 

In the recently posted Business Week article,E-mail Newsletters That Customers Actually Read”, Carmine Gallo illustrates that the way to get customers to really read your newsletter is to make it more about them than you. 

The bottom line?

In the world of email newsletters, being a “professional” writer isn’t always an advantage…so don’t be intimidated – just talk to your readers. Successful newsletters are personality based – and you are the personality behind your business. Let your readers get to know you. Share your views on products, services, industry trends, and community events… in your own, unique writing style.

Email newsletters can also be a “two-way street.” Create a dialogue by requesting feedback, including their questions in an “Ask the Expert” section, and by posting testimonials.

Remember, an informal writing style is fine…typos are not. Always run your content through a spell checker AND give it to several colleagues to proofread. Write on!

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