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How to Maximize Analysis with OM3 Reporting Tools

 In Email Marketing, OpenMoves Email System

OpenMoves real-time reporting suite includes powerful tools that let you track campaign results down to the contact level. Presentation-ready graphics, charts and maps make at-a-glance reporting easy to understand and share.

Here are the main attractions:

Contact Activity Report

clear and detailed reporting

Clear and detailed reporting is just the beginning of the story. User-friendly analytics allow you to drill down and profile your subscribers by address book, campaigns they received, and segments they are in. The Contact Activity report also details opens and clicks.

To prepare a contact activity report, enter the subscriber’s email address in the search input bar and click the magnifying glass.

contact activity

The report defaults to the last 30 days. Change the date range displayed by clicking on the hyperlinked words, Last 30 days.

pop-up display

A pop-up displays a variety of dates and customizable ranges for selection. Use the radio buttons to select a particular period of time or your own date range. Click APPLY. Use the Set as Default checkbox to set your own display preference.

Print Report

Presentation-ready charts are icing on the cake. Every campaign report has a Print Report option that instantly develops your campaign into a full 4-color story.

The Print Report function is located to the right of the campaign thumbnail.

presentation-ready charts

At the top of the Print Report pop-up window, you are given 3 options:

  • Send to a printer
  • Save as a PDF
  • Personalize the report

print report

To personalize, select the radio button to upload your logo and use the browse button to browse for an image on your computer. When done, click UPLOAD. Then, you can add optional comments and when ready, click PRINT REPORT.

customized print reports

Top 5 Email Clients

The Top 5 Email clients are displayed within every campaign report in the right column beneath the conversion funnel. This information helps you identify the most popular email clients within your client base.

top 5 email clients

Click See full report and drill down further for a full breakdown of your email clients. Use the plus or minus icons to toggle.

full email client report

Chart Tab

The Chart tab on the My Reports web page displays data points and a bar chart for any data range you select. Click the selectable drop down to option:

  • Total sends
  • Delivered
  • % delivered
  • Unique opens
  • % unique opens
  • Total clicks
  • Hard bounces
  • % hard bounces
  • Soft bounces
  • % soft bounces
  • Replies
  • % replies
  • Unsubscribes
  • % unsubscribes
  • Estimated forwards
  • Forwards
  • Unique clicks
  • % unique clicks
  • Click to open

chart analysis

Current Month Activity

current month activity

To find your current month’s activity, use the Current month activity report. The tool displays how many normal and triggered sends, including dates and campaign names.

current month activity


There are other great reporting tools under the hood, like hot spots, geomaps and Google analytics. If you’re interested in learning the entire story behind your campaign data, give us a holler!

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