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Marketing Automation for Salesforce Is Here

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Does your company use Salesforce CRM to run its business, and a separate email marketing platform to communicate with leads, prospects, and clients? Our seamless integration between these platforms will enable your sales and marketing teams to work together like never before!

Our advanced Salesforce integration will allow you to sync leads and contacts to address books, create demographic segments, send email campaigns and view their results just like you would in OM3, except without leaving the Salesforce platform!

Our Salesforce Marketing Automation solution helps you manage your marketing and lead/customer activity all in one place so everything you were doing in OM3 (and more!) can be done directly within Salesforce.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Drag & Drop Editor – You can use the OM3 user-friendly drag & drop editor to create, edit and send campaigns directly within Salesforce. You will no longer need to log into a separate platform to set up your campaigns.salesforce-dragdrop
  • Manage your campaign performance data – Within Email Campaigns, you can see reporting, dashboards and charts of engagement, campaigns sent, opens, clicks, and more, all within Salesforce – AND you can see it at both a campaign and a contact level.salesforce-manage
  • Easily Sync Leads & Contacts – You’re used to setting up campaigns within Salesforce. With our Salesforce integration, you can have these campaigns sync and update the address books in OM3 with just a few clicks. salesforce-choose
  • Set up and add contact/leads to programs based on email recipient behavior as well as web & social activity. omsfsalesforce-add
  • Truly Seamless Integration – If you don’t want to, there’s no need to leave the Salesforce Platform. With a single click, you’ll be connected to the OM3 platform right inside Salesforce so you can manage everything in one screen!


How Does It Work?

This is an optional feature available at an added monthly cost and works with a Salesforce account with APIs enabled, Enterprise level or higher. Our Integration Specialists will set up your synchronization with Salesforce and train you to use all the features. Contact us for a more information and a detailed overview of OM3’s Salesforce Integration.

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