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The Personalized Email Experience

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Personalization doesn’t start and end with your subject line. There’s quite a bit of content that you can dynamically display if you get more personal and store added details about your subscribers, other than their email address, in your address book. The result provides a relevant and personalized message for each subscriber and increases response rates (opens and clicks) and ROI.

Case Study

A national gourmet foods distributor needed to remind their customers about winter holiday specials and offer incentives to valued customers. As the company’s regional distributors not only sell fantastic feasts but also deliver them directly to the customer’s door, an email from a friendly distributor would be well received.

Recipe for a Festive Campaign Reception

  • Subject line: Complimentary – 5 lbs of Shrimp from [Distributor]
  • Salutation: Dear [First Name],
  • Signature: Sincerely, [Distributor, Distributor Phone Number]
  • Address book fields: Email address, first name, distributor, distributor phone number

Take Away

Sure, there is some effort in expanding your address book to include criteria based upon your industry and sales pipeline, but emails with personalization within the body of a message will get more clicks than those that don’t include personalization. Collect good data on your base and use technology to leverage for better results.

If you’re interested in personalization or adding content to your email dynamically, give us a holler!

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