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Email Newsletter Etiquette

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Have you ever sent off an email response in the heat of the moment… replied when you meant to forward… not used spell check and sent off a doozie?

Email etiquette and best of breed email campaigns are attached at the hip. Here are some better practices for sending, receiving, sharing and archiving email newsletters.

You won’t get rich quick through a few email campaigns, so don’t scheme…plan your relationship over time. The conversation should be as natural as a chat between close friends. Honest, short, with purpose.

If you no longer want to receive a newsletter that you’d originally signed-up for, click the unsubscribe link. If there is no unsubscribe… or if the newsletter has literally come out of nowhere… then, click the SPAM button. Optionally, reply to the newsletter with the word “Remove” in the subject line.

When you receive a great newsletter and want to pass it along, don’t use email software to forward newsletters. Doing this drives email metrics crazy making it look as if opened your email 22x and clicked his way into oblivion. Instead, consider clicking Forward to a Friend or Share links. If there aren’t a set of share links in the email, shame on the sender!

Hopefully, your newsletter is a keeper, living long and prosperous. After a lot of hard work, don’t can the campaign but display it… in all its keyword-rich content and thoughtful design. Archive it at your website. These archives are viddles to search engines and continue to optimize your website. Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

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