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Turn Those Weather Related “No Sales” Into “Snow Sales”

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The recent snow event “Juno” divided the folks on the East Coast into two groups.  People outside and people inside. The outside people were reporting on the weather, measuring snow drifts and plowing roads. The inside people were most likely watching TV, engaging on social media or catching up on email.

There was, however,  a third group of savvy marketers who found an opportunity to engage the screen watchers with email campaigns using a snow email marketing strategy.

Snow Day Marketing Strategies

One of our favorite OM peeps “Snow Joe” waited patiently for their moment to strike and Juno handed it to them on a silver platter. They used inbound marketing with timely social media updates and then finished with a one-two punch email campaign.


With snow removal on nearly everyone’s minds, chances were high that if you weren’t out shoveling (outside person) then you were inside using Google to shop for snow blowers or look for tips on how to shovel with less back pain (inside person).

While you were busy surfing and sipping hot cocoa, marketers were pulling out their best snow puns.

Snow Problemo

Your business did not have to be weather related to get on the bandwagon. Countless retailers from furniture stores and even wine stores offered “Snowed In” sales.


Wine Library

One of our other favorite OM peeps: Briggs and Reilly used this snowy photo to relate to their customers. Nothing like being inside toasty and warm shopping than outside driving in white out conditions.

Save Big

Now that Juno has left town, you might want to think about how the next atmospheric event can align with your email marketing strategy. And even if there is nothing unusual happening, there are plenty of creative minds at OpenMoves who would love to help you whip up a hot email campaign. Just drop us a line. We’re inside people and we’re waiting for your call.


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