Case Study: From Startup to SEO Ranking #1 in 18 Months

SEO Case Study: TDC


“We went from a brand new website to top ranked on Google faster than I thought possible. When an automotive professional is searching Google for issues about car dealer compliance, TDC almost always shows up on top.”

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Yes, you heard me – I said VOICE SEARCH SEO!

Voice Search SEO


Voice recognition technology is improving. And Google has made huge advances in its ability to understand natural language search. A voice search on Google often results in a dictated direct response. Better that than a bunch of links to more …

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Case Study: Ranking #1 for one of the Toughest Local Keywords

case study paragon locksmith local SEO

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Case Study: Paragon Security selected OpenMoves to help them rank in cities where they may not be physically located. Now, Paragon holds the #1 local pack rank for “New York Locksmith,” has doubled organic traffic, and is generating qualified and valuable leads for under $25 each from AdWords.s has lead to heavy competition and aggressive, sometimes black-hat SEO for locksmith local searches.

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Anatomy of a Blog Post

How to Write Content for Maximum SEO


Constructing a blog post for easy reading and maximum impact takes thought and planning. Here then, are some tips on how to structure posts in a way that will engage visitors, encourage them to spend more time browsing deeper, and increase the likelihood they will share your posts.

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Case Study: How Signature Auto Grew its Leads by 63%!

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Signature Auto case study that was able to increase its leads, traffic, and sales as a result of a focused online marketing strategy leveraging Local SEO and SEM (PPC) strategies.

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The Most Common SEO Pitfalls – Part 3

SEO Pitfalls Part 3


This is the third and final installment of my series on common SEO pitfalls. We have to date reviewed 6 common SEO oversights – 3 each in Part 1 and Part 2, In this post we will look at the …

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