Why Bother Sending An eGreeting Card?


Why should businesses send greeting cards? For the same reason they invest time and money into many other marketing strategies – to keep in touch with customers and prospects. With the holiday season coming up, now is a great time …

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Social Media Fosters Dialog in Election Campaigns


This election displayed an unprecedented use of social media as a tactical tool in reaching a multitude of audiences and potential voters. Analysts and news stations incorporated reports of social media sentiment as part of their pre-election forecasts as never seen before. And the “Get Out The Vote” culture inspired a new breed of socially motivated peer pressure. But at the end of the day, what role did social media play in the final outcome?

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3 Ways to Start Advertising on Facebook


It may be time to start a Facebook advertising campaign. If you’ve developed a solid social media strategy, and if your company’s Facebook page is filled with robust content (posts, pictures, user feedback, etc.), then it is worthwhile to consider advertising to Facebook. They have come a long way since the early days, and the advertising capabilities are now surprisingly robust.

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Power Of Bro’ Documentary


My brother Eyal and I were raised in paradise. It was the early 60’s in Israel and we had it all, loving parents, a carefree lifestyle and plenty of adventure that would need to sustain us for the years to …

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30% of Ecommerce Repeat Purchases Come from Email Marketing


“Ecommerce businesses should concentrate more of their efforts on traditional online marketing tactics like search and e-mail rather than social media,” declared a September Forrester report (“The Purchase Path Of Online Buyers In 2012”), after determining “that less than 1% …

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