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Are You The Account Admin? Then Take Control!

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Being the account admin has the advantage of assigning account users — and removing them — as needed. process2

But just because you are the account administrator doesn’t mean you are the one managing the day-to-day details of your email marketing campaigns. You may have a team member you want to design and build the campaigns, maybe someone else you want to manage your lists, and still a third person assigned to gathering report details.

Why One User Is Never Enough

How do all these people access the account? Well, sharing your admin access is not the best way to manage this. First of all, it is cumbersome, especially since security requires each new network IP access attempt to verify itself by confirming through an email that it is authorized to use the platform. And what if the user forgets their password and needs to reset it? That makes it difficult for everyone else when a new password needs to be circulated to the team.

In both of these cases, all the verification emails are coming to one admin user’s inbox. This may work if everyone is always in the same office. But really, the whole point of having team members working on campaigns is to allow you to delegate the project and not have to be on top of every step of production.

A Simple Solution

The solution to all of this is the Managed Users feature of your OM3 account. With Managed Users, we allow you to easily create a new access credential for each of your team members. That way, you can define what parts of the process each Managed User can access. Better still, when they need to verify their login or reset their password, they can manage that through their own email address. You also have the security advantage of immediately removing access to employees who leave your organization.

How To Manage Managed Users

Creating a Managed User is quick and easy to do. You can find the steps in our resource center at
Just remember … only the admin can create Managed Users. And delegating your campaign processes to other team members is efficient and easy when you set them up as a Managed User in OM3 first.

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