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How to Broaden Your Marketing Campaigns: Integrate & Innovate with OM3

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You’re a small business marketer regularly sending a monthly newsletter to your prospect list. You have been emailing for a while now, you’ve developed your brand with your contacts, and now you want to step up your game plan.

You want to convert those regular readers into customers, but you are not sure how to improve your email marketing communications with them. You want to move beyond the general info campaign to create content that is more relevant to them.



OpenMoves offers you a selection of advanced integration tools to segment your list and dynamically target your contacts. These tools can help you move your campaigns from the spray and pray approach to more relevant, targeted content, customized for your readers.

Finding out more about your recipients: If you have various data points associated with contacts in your address book, you can begin to target based on the info you have.  If you don’t have much data beyond name and email address you may be wondering how to make this shift?  It’s simple Ask. If you target your regular readers, you can enhance that relationship with a few simple questions. For example, recently we ran a series of surveys for one of our clients to help them determine their client’s interests and purchasing needs. This info allowed their internal sales team to qualify and focus on the right prospects and target them with the right offering.

1) Surveys & Forms

We offer an easy-to-use Survey tool that allows you quickly build and deploy surveys for your prospects and clients. Your survey is integrated with your email database and using our drag and drop list segmentation tool. Our survey tool allows you to reach out to your prospects and gather much needed data on their preferences. You can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.


2) Dynamic Content

You can also use your new data to create dynamic content on the fly or develop marketing automation programs based on your survey data. These tools allow you to create integrated campaign programs to keep your readers engaged, your brand top of mind, and your sales efforts targeted. Our Dynamic content feature allows you to provide specific content to prospects that meet certain data criteria. This can be based on any field you have in your address book. Zip code, industry, speciality, gender, the possibilities are only limited by your data.

3) Segmentation

Segments can be easily created and dynamically populated using real-time survey data. Our segmentation tool allows you to use our drag and drop functionality to create complex queries to fine-tune your campaign targeting.

4) Programs

Using our drag & drop program flowcharts you can create drip campaigns, cart abandonment, and triggered campaigns. The more date you have in your address book the more targeted your campaigns can become.

This is just a quick overview of the ways OpenMoves advanced integrations tools can help you broaden your marketing campaigns. Once you have a marketing plan, we have the email marketing tools to make them a reality.

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