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How Can I Resubscribe to Your Newsletter?

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What can you do when a customer or associate — who has previously opted-out from receiving your newsletter — decides he or she wants to continue receiving your email? Perhaps it was just by mistake, after all? Or maybe a customer clicked unsubscribe without realizing that your newsletter is chock full of important company news, special events, drawings or discount coupons.

Resubscribing opt-out members to your address book can be managed easily by the same person who removed their name in the first place. Alternatively, the method can be handled by your marketing administrator, but the final step to resubscribe rests with the email address owner.

Here are 4 easy steps!

1. Click the newsletter subscribe link usually positioned at the bottom of your email. It may also be at your company website (Join our mailing list or Sign up for our Newsletter).
2. Input the unsubscribed email address (and any other required information).
3. Once submitted, the re-subscriber will receive a confirmation email message in their inbox that looks very similar to this:
How Can I Resubscribe to Your Newsletter?
4. Once the owner of the email address clicks “It was me, sign me up” your done!

If you have any other questions, please send them to and we’ll do our best to assist!

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