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Email Tip: Text Ensures the Message Gets Through

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Send Text as Backup

Don’t make the mistake of sending only one version of your newsletter campaign. You can’t assume that all of your subscribers can or want to read HTML newsletters – for example, some view email on older mobile devices and text is easier to read and loads faster. Always give recipients the option to receive your email as HTML or text. Our email system will send both the HTML version and the text version of your message and the recipient’s email client will choose which version to display.

Text versions should not be an afterthought; just as with your HTML newsletter, they should incorporate your brand with clear messaging and tone. For the visual element, you can provide a link to a Web page version of the newsletter, where viewers can see it in all its carefully-designed glory.

Use Imagery to Enhance, not Communicate

Your most important message should always be text-based to cater for those who cannot download or receive images. Most email clients automatically block images; only about 41% of online consumers regularly see them. Blocked images appear as a red X, so add in image alt text to help identify what should be there. 

When you use more text than images, image blocking becomes less of a problem. The content portion of any newsletter should be the primary focus. The ideal ratio is about 60% text to 40% supporting graphics. Design your email so that the main message is not dependent on images or their placement. Before you send your email, read it without any images and see if it makes sense. If not, reevaluate how much information you’ve embedded in images, banners and other design elements.

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