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Prospecting Email Marketing Data for Hot Leads

 In Email Marketing, OpenMoves Email System

Key Topics

  1. how to export leads
  2. how to use the hot prospect report
  3. how to drill down into a contact to see all activity over time

Email marketing is a great process for prospecting and driving sales if you know where to look and how to mine your data. Here are three ways OM3 can be used to find the best leads.

#1. Exporting Data

When a subscriber opens your email and clicks a link, the information is recorded in the campaign reporting module as a Unique Open and Unique User Click Through.

Clicking any of the blue hyperlinked reports will drill down one level and display email addresses with bits and pieces of your contact list.

In the example below, the Unique Opens hyperlink has been clicked, but the same process will work for Emails Sent, Estimated Forwards, Forwards to a Friend, Social Network Views, Non-Openers, Unique User Click Through, etc.
drilling down one level

The Display button allows you to select or deselect data fields from your contact list and include or exclude in your final report. Pick and choose which data field to preview but don’t forget to submit your selection!
display your data

Once you have a subset of data, you may decide to further analyze or share with sales associates. What you see is what you get, so displaying the proper data fields will provide you with the results you want and need. Export the data to receive a .csv file that opens as a spreadsheet.
export your contacts

#2. Following Hot Prospects

When a subscriber opens your email multiple times and clicks a bunch of links, you’ve got a hot prospect and the More Reports drop down displays a hyperlink for the Hot Prospects report.

The OM3 reporting module includes a great tool that provides you with sliding values, depending on what information you are tasked to gather. For example, you may be interested in contacting subscribers who have opened your email 3 times and clicked 2 links.
opens and clicks

Follow the instructions outlined above to customize your display and export.

#3. Subscriber Activity

You may wonder what a subscriber has been sent, opened and interacted with over time. The reporting module includes Contact Activity and the information is displayed on an individual basis.
contact activty

Searching for a particular subscriber will detail engagement by benchmark and selecting the right time range will gather the most relevant data. Click Apply to display your results.
time range

Month after month of nuture campaigns can serve up a wealth of information:
collective data

Your email campaign goals may be any combination of brand awareness, customer service, general information, promotion, conversion and more. You may be tasked to follow up on leads, determine whether your subject lines engage subscribers to open or if your content is interesting enough to further entice readers to click-thru for more information. The information is right at your fingertip, so don’t neglect the data collected in your account’s reporting module.

If you are interested in more information or want a demo of your report manager, give us a holler!

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