Seven (7) Email Marketing Resolutions For 2017

Send Better Emails

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It’s 2017 and you wonder if there are still some simple things you can do to increase your email marketing performance this year. Here are 7 practical tips on getting more out of your email campaigns in 2017. #1: Send …

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Holiday email marketing… and your lists

Sending Holiday Emails


It’s that time of the year where increased email marketing and sales/promotions can be expected. However, before you start sending those holiday emails, make sure to make your lists and check them twice.

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Social Media and Google: A Powerful Social Media Combo

Social Media & Google Plan


Let’s go back to the basics and examine the backbone of this powerful social media combo.

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Case Study: How Signature Auto Grew its Leads by 63%!


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Signature Auto case study that was able to increase its leads, traffic, and sales as a result of a focused online marketing strategy leveraging Local SEO and SEM (PPC) strategies.

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Are you sending spam and don’t know it?

Is it Spam?


Could you unknowingly be sending spam?! Don’t freak out. Let’s look at the top 5 key points that make an email spam, starting with the biggest red flags, and what you can do to de-spam your campaigns.

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