Google AdWords & Bing Ads – Forever Linked!

Google AdWords and Bing Adds


Bing Ads just announced a new tool called Automated Imports. It was already possible to import Google AdWords campaigns into Bing, but this new tool can automate the process.

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Anatomy of a Blog Post

How to Write Content for Maximum SEO


Constructing a blog post for easy reading and maximum impact takes thought and planning. Here then, are some tips on how to structure posts in a way that will engage visitors, encourage them to spend more time browsing deeper, and increase the likelihood they will share your posts.

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Effective and Unique Call-to-actions


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As email marketers we’re constantly striving to increase open rates, write the best subject lines and get keep our readers engaged. It’s also important to guide your readers with effective and unique call-to-actions so they can do things like “make …

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Seven (7) Email Marketing Resolutions For 2017

Send Better Emails

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It’s 2017 and you wonder if there are still some simple things you can do to increase your email marketing performance this year. Here are 7 practical tips on getting more out of your email campaigns in 2017. #1: Send …

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Holiday email marketing… and your lists

Sending Holiday Emails


It’s that time of the year where increased email marketing and sales/promotions can be expected. However, before you start sending those holiday emails, make sure to make your lists and check them twice.

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