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B2B Lead-Gen Campaign Results in 280% Conversion Rate Lift

 In PPC, PPC Optimization

labescape landing pageFor an effective pay-per-click (Adwords) campaign it’s just as important to have the right landing pages as it is to have the right keywords and ads. To achieve high conversion landing pages design them with simple, succinct, and targeted messaging with a clear call-to-action; a reader will give you no more than a few seconds to make a decision whether to click, or to click away. For best results, create a few different variations of the landing page and conduct some A/B or MVT (multivariate testing) to see which design and call-to-action generate the highest conversion at the lowest cost.

LabEscape is a technology company that needed help improving the conversion of their lead generation PPC campaign. We utilized the advanced LiveBall landing page platform together with creative design and strategy and were able to increase their conversion to more than 4% within a few months (a 280% increase!). Read more about this in the recently published landing page case study on LiveBall website.

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