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Google AdWords & Bing Ads – Forever Linked!

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You are preparing to launch pay-per-click advertising ads in Google and Bing. You have decided on a total advertising budget. Now, how do you divide the budget between the two? You may find that trial and error is the only way to identify the optimal budget allocations. You’ll also find out quickly which account consumes a majority of your time managing it.

But take it from a seasoned professional: Google AdWords usually outperGoogle AdWords & Bing Adsforms Bing Ads with a lower cost per click, higher conversion rate, more conversions, etc. Thus, you’ll find that most of your management time is spent in Google AdWords.

Luckily, Bing Ads just announced a new tool called Automated Imports. It was already possible to import Google AdWords campaigns into Bing, but this new tool can automate the process. It is customizable based on such factors as:

  • What to import (campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ad extensions, budgets, bids, etc.)
  • Landing page URLs
  • Removal of similar Bing Ads campaigns so that they can be replaced by imported Google campaigns
  • Frequency of import

See Fig. 1 for a screenshot of typical Import settings you could configure.

Google AdWords & Bing Ads

Figure 1: These settings allow you tocustomize what you tell Bing Ads to automatically import from Google AdWords, including the frequency of the import, what, specifically, you import, and what you tell Bing to turn off.

Why Mirror Google Campaigns in Bing?

Although use of this tool isn’t always recommended (for example, when already established Bing Ads campaigns already produce a good return on investment), it is worthwhile in most instances where you are running paid advertising campaigns on both platforms. Google has so many more features than Bing Ads, including, for example, the ability to run static and dynamic remarketing ads. So, it is often more important to optimize campaigns in Google than Bing, especially since you’ll probably be spending more money in Google.

Therefore, the ability to duplicate the changes made in Google directly into Bing can not only be a time-saver, but can also help boost ROI and ROAS!

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