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Improve Your Conversion Rate – 7 Best Tips of 2012

 In Email Marketing, Optimization

Conversion StrategyAs the year is coming to a close we wanted to share with you our most popular blog posts of the year on improving your conversion rate. These top posts of 2012 look at how to best use email, PPC, and SEO and good web design principles as well, to improve your conversion rate. You can take this any way you want as a “conversion” in our work can be somewhat of a religious experience in converting a non-believer to a believer, a browser to a prospect, or a prospect to a client. And then, once the initial conversion takes place, how do you keep them coming for more?

So here are 7 great tips on how to get more leads and more sales using email marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click and social media. Pick the 3 you like the most and build them into your 2013 plan.  

  1. Want to improve your email open rates and conversions at the flick of a button? Automated resends to non-openers could do the trick!
  2. Do you have an e-commerce site?  Don’t abandon your abandoned shopping carts!
  3. If you are a B2C retailer or have an e commerce site, here are some industry best practices and statistics to improve your conversion.
  4. What about in a B2B environment? Read our tips on how  PPC can increase your B2B lead generation.
  5. Whether you are B2C or B2B it may be time to experiment with Facebook and LinkedIn PPC.  You get tons of free impressions for your brand and you may even get some leads and sales:  3 ways to start advertising on Facebook.
  6. You have a web site but are you tracking the right analytics to maximize your conversions? Don’t miss these 2 web traffic statistics you should be tracking!
  7. Calls-to-action are key to maximizing your conversion rate on any web site, email newsletter, landing page, etc… Are your CTAs stale? Are they in need of a refresh for 2013? Click here for 7 great tips for call-to-action conversions!

We wish you happy reading and hope you find this recap of some of our best ideas useful as you prepare your online marketing for 2013.


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