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Mobile Marketing Puts the ‘R’ Back in ‘CRM’

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Email marketing to smartphones offers innovative ways to interact with prospects and clients, lending real meaning to customer relationship management — putting the ‘R’ back into CRM. Given the fact that B2C email campaigns are a different flavor than B2B campaigns, finding the right mobile voice that will connect with your customers requires some thought… and a little personality.

RMP Capital Corporation, a US provider of factoring solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, launched a 4-prong email invitation campaign for a nighttime social event in Washington DC. The strategy was simple enough.

The Event Invitation Email

The first email invited colleagues to attend the event and the design introduced the tone. The subject line was, “Join Us at the 17th Annual Factoring Conference.”

The Reminder Email

The second mailer in this series was distributed the day before the event with the same content but a different subject line: “See You Tomorrow Night.”

The Mobile Message

The third mailer was a diamond in the rough: a mobile-designed message scheduled to release at 6:15 PM, during the event, “Hope You’re Having a Good Time!”

A conversation piece and ice-breaker (pun intended), this message was proclaimed around the room as mobile ringtones in all their glory announced inbox arrival!

The Thank-You Email Closes the Loop

The final leg of this campaign continued with the look & feel, formally thanking customers for attending the event, “Thanks for Joining RMP Capital Corp.”

The week following the event, RMP received multiple emails and phone calls congratulating them on the success of the evening and campaign, but also providing the opportunity for RMP to further discuss business.

All in a day’s work, but who says work can’t be fun?

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